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Mennonite Girls in a Modern World

May 3, 2022

It’s never easy to say goodbye to a good season in your life. A hard season, yes. A boring seasons, adios. But when you have experienced the goodness of God, it can be hard to walk away into the unknown.

Today is our last podcast episode. On one hand, we celebrate releasing our 100th episode, and on the other hand, we...

Apr 26, 2022

Have you ever wondered about the Mennonite connection to Ukraine?  Or where the term Old Colony began? Or the place Catherine the Great plays in Mennonite history?

On today’s episode, Maria sits down for the last time to talk with author, Tina Siemens, about the migration to Ukraine, and how we came to settle in this...

Apr 19, 2022

If you grew up in a home or church which didn't teach about the Holy Spirit, you may find yourself struggling to understand the important role He plays in your life.

What exactly does the Holy Spirit do?

How does it make a difference in our lives?

In this episode, Maria and Melanie discuss 8 functions of the Holy Spirit...

Apr 12, 2022

How do Mennonites view life and death? Why have so many Mennonites resisted the mandates, restrictions, and vaccines that were implemented during Covid-19?

The pandemic has created a division among families, friends and churches over views on health measures and best practices. How do we bridge the gap and rebuild...

Apr 5, 2022

It has been a difficult few years with Covid-19 changing our lives as we know it, but is it possible, even in the middle of a pandemic, for God to bring blessings?

On today's show, Joyce Ford, shares the unexpected gifts God gave her during covid after the intial disappointment and change of plans. While it may be...